Why you should send Black Flower Bouquet?
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Black flowers seem to have originated from a ‘fairytale’ world and they have attracted peoples’ attention for years. Most people believe black color signifies evil, grief, fear, sadness or even death.  You will find most people wearing black clothes during funerals, thus it is a color of farewell and sadness. Black flowers triggers feeling of mystical outcomes. So, when or why should you send black flower bouquet?

Yes, it is very true that the color of the night is the color of death, but this doesn’t mean black can’t signify a positive meaning. In fact a more powerful and positive meaning does exist for the black color. You should know that death doesn’t always cause sadness and mourning, it can also be the beginning of a journey into a beautiful territory. Also, unlike other colors black boost people imaginations. Black can symbolize sophistication, power, elegance and formality.

A flower arrangement in black doesn’t provide just a mere pretty look but a dramatic one and they are also very stunning compared to other colors. Nothing can bring a touch of unconventionality and mystery like a flower bouquet or flower arrangement with black flowers. However, the black flowers exist only in people imaginations. What most people refer as black flowers are often deeper shade of maroon, purple, plum or burgundy, and sometimes the flowers might be tinted and unnatural looking. For instance if you look at a black rose you find that it is actually dark red in color. flower delivery dublin

Using black flowers only on a flower bouquet or flower arrangement is not a good idea, because the flower will look so dark and unattractive. Usually black flowers are used during funerals and wakes as a sign of mourning. Most people don’t like giving black flowers to the people they love unless they want to communicate the ‘goodbye’ or ‘breaking up’ message. Even though black flowers signify loss, mortality or bereavement, they should still be designed in a lovely manner, mixing black flowers with some colored flowers will enhance the flower arrangement aesthetic appeal.

Black flowers arrangements suggestions

  • Mix black flowers with ruby red, think sunflower yellow or sapphire blue. You can combine them in foliage of emerald green and you will brighten the black color.
  • Consider some white flowers. When white flowers are mix with black flowers they do provide contrast.
  • As people put on a black evening gown, they often use jewelry as accessories. As you send your loved one a gift of diamond, pearls or some fine gold jewelry, you should accompany your jewelry gift with a black flower bouquet.
  • Black is the darkest shade and often referred as ‘the color of the night’, thus mixing black flowers with deep purple flowers or dark burgundy will do the flower arrangement justice.

As stated above real black flowers do not exist. However, there are numerous type of flowers referred to as black flowers,. They include

  • Lily

Black calla lilies are the most popular and ‘blackest’ type of black flowers. Other type of black flowers are Aisiatic and Tiger flowers, they can come in black or a combination of white and black. Lilies are the best flowers for funerals as they are believed to signify the departed soul will receive innocence.

  • Rose

Another ‘species’ of the black flowers is black roses. Darkest burgundy roses are referred to us black roses. Black roses symbolize death and tragic love.

  • Orchid

Black orchids are hard to find. Orchids that are used as black flowers are mainly dark burgundy, deep purple and maroon.

  • Tulip

Black tulips are the rarest species. Deep purple or maroon tulips are what people consider to be black flowers.

Final Verdict

Flowers are not for joyous occasion only, and black flower is one of them. Flowers Dublin has any kind of black flowers a person would require. You can send flowers Dublin to express your heartfelt sympathy to a friend who lost his/her loved one.




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