The Life Span of Cut Flowers
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The Life Span of Cut Flowers

All cut flowers have a finite life expectancy. Actually the flowers are dead immediately they are harvested. To bring them back to life, and prolong their life span you need to quickly rehydrate them, and also you should hydrate them regularly. Would you love the flowers you received for Valentine Day to last longer? There several ways you can preserve freshly cut flowers to prolong their lifespan up to two weeks. Below are some of the tips you need to know to increase your favorite cut flowers life expectancy;

  • Cutting the ends

Cutting the ends of cut flowers stems is the first step to prolonging their lifespan. Preserve the cut flowers you received from your loved one by cutting the ends and then place them in a container of water. Hydrating cut flowers is the key to a long lifespan; otherwise they will wilt and die. After cutting the stem ends and removing any water feeding tubes attached to your flowers, put them in fresh and cool water. Who wouldn’t want to see the cut flowers colorful and elegantly looking? You shouldn’t use warm or hot water; this will discolor your gift of flowers.

  • Use flower food

Any living thing needs food to survive, so does cut flowers. To enjoy the aesthetic appeal of cut flowers for a long period, you need to feed them. Most florists out there will provide you with food for preserving your cut flowers. Flowers Dublin is one of the leading florist stores that you can get cut flowers and their food too. Place the flower food that was included in the cut flowers delivery in your flowers vase.

  • Changing vase water daily

Remember fresh water is what you need to preserve your fresh flowers; this can only happen if you keep changing the water in the vase regularly. You fresh flowers will stay in Bloom for a long time if you change water daily. In fact you should take care of your cut flowers daily, not only should you keep changing water but you should also keep cutting a bit of the end stems now and then to increase their lifespan.

Final Verdict

Cut flowers come in a range of beautiful color, and you won’t want that color to fade. Most cut flowers have a lifespan of about one week or two under normal condition.  For you cut flowers to look fresh always, you need to follow up the above tips. They are what you need to keep that cut flower gift from your sweetheart longer.

The more you take time to take care of your cut flowers, the longer they will survive looking fresh, colorful and speaking. So you daughter sent you some cut flowers on mother’s day? Or you received some freshly cut flowers from you sweetheart on Valentine Day? Don’t let you gift of flowers wilt and discolor due to lack of regularly maintenance. If you order flowers Dublin, especially cut flowers boost their life expectancy by using the tips above.





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