Add Spice to Your Lovely Wedding with Tropical Flowers

The wedding day is special. Every young person wants something different for that day. That is why the planning is so intense and thorough. They plan every innovative means to make the day special and different from every other day. It is obvious that the successful use of flowers is important in a wedding celebration. […]

5 Essential Flower Girls Decor for a Wedding

There are those things that would be a good embellishment to your wedding that is just that special in the event. There is need to always add them on because they are such important that you shouldn’t neglect them in any way. Have this in mind that your flowers are one of such highlighting your […]

Why you should send Black Flower Bouquet?

Black flowers seem to have originated from a ‘fairytale’ world and they have attracted peoples’ attention for years. Most people believe black color signifies evil, grief, fear, sadness or even death.  You will find most people wearing black clothes during funerals, thus it is a color of farewell and sadness. Black flowers triggers feeling of […]

The Life Span of Cut Flowers

The Life Span of Cut Flowers All cut flowers have a finite life expectancy. Actually the flowers are dead immediately they are harvested. To bring them back to life, and prolong their life span you need to quickly rehydrate them, and also you should hydrate them regularly. Would you love the flowers you received for […]

Simple Flower Crafts for Fun

  We live in a world that is full of creativity and a lot of avenues where people can showcase their creative side and bring forth some amazing crafts. You can create something really good either as a decoration or simply for practical reasons. There are different types of crafts in the world today, and […]

Should I Send Someone Flowers?

The decision to send flowers Dublin is usually about so much more than just the flowers. it is a sign that you actually were thinking about that person. Sending flowers to someone is an action that most people take for granted, though in real sense it actually can have a lot of meanings to it. […]

Seasonal Wedding Flower Guide

The impact that flowers have on a wedding can only be compared to a cake and icing. Without the icing, a cake is basically some baked bread. With the icing and decorations, it turns into something that you would want to eat to your fill. As you make plans for the big day, you will […]