5 Essential Flower Girls Decor for a Wedding
Posted on: May 16, 2017, by : admin

There are those things that would be a good embellishment to your wedding that is just that special in the event. There is need to always add them on because they are such important that you shouldn’t neglect them in any way. Have this in mind that your flowers are one of such highlighting your wedding. Their presence makes the event even more unique and colorful than what you’d looked forward to. To be up with a getting your preparation in top shape, here are 5 lists of accessories your flower girls must have for the wedding when ordering flowers Dublin.

  1. Flower baskets –even if your choice is for your flower girls to hold flower bouquets of their own or they are meant to spray some petals for you on the red carpet as you walk your way through the aisle, it is rather best for them to have a flower basket held instead. The little pretties may not see the reason for holding a flower stalk and in fact, they may be too fragile to hold a flower stalk in their hands for that long. It should be more comfortable for them to carry the flower basket since they should be used to it. Only ensure the handle of the basket is something that won’t be a problem for them to deal with.

The flowers – really, what would be flower girls without them having some flowers? If you intend a total concentration for the event, don’t ever make the mistake of the choice of roses for the little girls so they don’t get distracted by pricking the rose with their hands when admiring the roses as the event is in progress. You may find out from the girl’s parents if they have any form of pollen allergies so you are well guided on choosing a flower type that would be appropriate for their health. If your decision is to have flower girls sprinkle flower petals, you should make their age consideration a top issue. It won’t make sense for a toddler to do such task. flower delivery Ireland

Flower Tiara – if your flower girls looking fairy and elegant is your style, consider a flower tiara for the girls. For this style, artificial flowers would make more sense or you can choose to make something out for them that would blend with their gown. You should also ensure to know that your flower girls have no issues with head dressing since they would be wearing the tiara on their heads as they walk along the aisle path.

  1. Flower wand – a flower wand will create something magical for your wedding if you’ll love to go with that style. If observing a flower basket would be too heavy and bulky for your flower girls to carry, a flower wand would be a good choice for them to carry instead. You can add colors to them and also by attaching some petals to style them up.
  2. Necklace or charm bracelet – the little flower girls will simply look gorgeous with any of a charming bracelet or a necklace.

When are buying flowers Dublin, ensure to buy flower girls’ accessories alongside.





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