Month: April 2017

The Life Span of Cut Flowers

The Life Span of Cut Flowers

All cut flowers have a finite life expectancy. Actually the flowers are dead immediately they are harvested. To bring them back to life, and prolong their life span you need to quickly rehydrate them, and also you should hydrate them regularly. Would you love the flowers you received for Valentine Day to last longer? There several ways you can preserve freshly cut flowers to prolong their lifespan up to two weeks. Below are some of the tips you need to know to increase your favorite cut flowers life expectancy;

  • Cutting the ends

Cutting the ends of cut flowers stems is the first step to prolonging their lifespan. Preserve the cut flowers you received from your loved one by cutting the ends and then place them in a container of water. Hydrating cut flowers is the key to a long lifespan; otherwise they will wilt and die. After cutting the stem ends and removing any water feeding tubes attached to your flowers, put them in fresh and cool water. Who wouldn’t want to see the cut flowers colorful and elegantly looking? You shouldn’t use warm or hot water; this will discolor your gift of flowers.

  • Use flower food

Any living thing needs food to survive, so does cut flowers. To enjoy the aesthetic appeal of cut flowers for a long period, you need to feed them. Most florists out there will provide you with food for preserving your cut flowers. Flowers Dublin is one of the leading florist stores that you can get cut flowers and their food too. Place the flower food that was included in the cut flowers delivery in your flowers vase.

  • Changing vase water daily

Remember fresh water is what you need to preserve your fresh flowers; this can only happen if you keep changing the water in the vase regularly. You fresh flowers will stay in Bloom for a long time if you change water daily. In fact you should take care of your cut flowers daily, not only should you keep changing water but you should also keep cutting a bit of the end stems now and then to increase their lifespan.

Final Verdict

Cut flowers come in a range of beautiful color, and you won’t want that color to fade. Most cut flowers have a lifespan of about one week or two under normal condition.  For you cut flowers to look fresh always, you need to follow up the above tips. They are what you need to keep that cut flower gift from your sweetheart longer.

The more you take time to take care of your cut flowers, the longer they will survive looking fresh, colorful and speaking. So you daughter sent you some cut flowers on mother’s day? Or you received some freshly cut flowers from you sweetheart on Valentine Day? Don’t let you gift of flowers wilt and discolor due to lack of regularly maintenance. If you order flowers Dublin, especially cut flowers boost their life expectancy by using the tips above.





Simple Flower Crafts for Fun


We live in a world that is full of creativity and a lot of avenues where people can showcase their creative side and bring forth some amazing crafts. You can create something really good either as a decoration or simply for practical reasons. There are different types of crafts in the world today, and one of the best is flower craft. There are people who are not just using the flower delivery Dublin service for the sake of delivering flowers anymore, but they are also using flowers to showcase how good their sense of art and craft is.

For someone who is interested in flowers as a means of art and craft, it is usually easier if you have a flower garden. This is because you never have to buy flowers to go about your craft and design process. However, even if that were possible, you could still purchase some flowers that you need to accentuate your craft, but cannot grow in your garden. In such a case you would have to get flowers delivered Dublin from a florist that has a good variety of flowers to choose from.

When you come to think about it, flower crafts are actually a lot of fun. In fact, there are so many flower crafts that you can make, all which will take a very short time, and at the same time, the outcome will be incredible. When you are through, you might also be amazed at how easy and fun it was to come up with some of the designs you have managed. You can, therefore send flowers Dublin, either as the flowers they were when you picked them from the garden or from the florist, or you can also send them to someone as the finished craft you had in mind.

One of the most amazing things you will learn about creating crafts with flowers is that it is an inexpensive affair altogether. In fact, it serves as a good option for you to bond with family and friends when you are doing this. It is something that you can do together with people when you are just relaxing and having some fun. To come up with some of the best crafts, you only need simple things like scissors, craft glue, artificial leaves, glitter and so forth. All the items that you need are very simple indeed. You will not spend so much in the process either.

In case you are looking for a basket for this, you can look for one of the old baskets that you have lying around in the house and bring it back to life. Other than the baskets, you can also consider using the old flower pots. Such pots can be easily decorated and then you have them in your living room once again looking good.

While some of the things like old pots and baskets would have been thrown away for not being useful anymore, you can use them for flower crafts and turn them into an impressive work of art.




Should I Send Someone Flowers?

The decision to send flowers Dublin is usually about so much more than just the flowers. it is a sign that you actually were thinking about that person. Sending flowers to someone is an action that most people take for granted, though in real sense it actually can have a lot of meanings to it. in most cases it depends on the occasion for which you are sending the flowers. if it is a wedding, an anniversary or a birthday, it definitely means so much to the recipient because it shows that on their special day, you were with them in thoughts and had them in your mind, even if perhaps you were not able to be there with them in person.

Flowers can also be used to send a message, of solidarity. This is particularly in the event that someone you know is going through a torrid time. It is a sign that you care for them and believe that whatever they are going through, they will get through it and everything will be okay again. This is why some people order flowers Dublin and send them to their loved ones. For someone who is in hospital, for example, sending them flowers is a way of encouraging them that this will be over soon and they will be back on their feet in no time.

You can also have flowers delivered Dublin as a means of showing your appreciation to someone. In case you receive flowers, it is always wise to acknowledge receipt, even at a later date. You can send a thank you note with the flowers, something that most people really do appreciate. Apart from that, if someone helped you get through some tough times, once you are back on your feet you can consider getting them a bunch of flowers and a thank you note, to appreciate the fact that they were there for you during your time of need.

Flowers are also a good way of showing sincerity, showing remorse and asking for forgiveness. In case you have wronged someone, especially a woman, it is usually a good step in the right direction to send them flowers as part of your apology; so that you can express to them how you really feel about the situation you guys have been through.

Generally, flowers are a good way of showing your love to another person. This is one of the most important messages that flowers can be used to send. Therefore, technically, sending flowers to someone is one of the easiest ways to show a nice gesture towards someone you care about. It is about showing someone that they are important to you and that you have been thinking about them.

It takes a while before you can select the right kind of flowers that you are sure the recipient might like, and this effort invested in the selection process is another important factor that you should always think about, and most people do appreciate the fact that you spent some time out of your busy schedule to find them a nice bouquet of flowers.



Seasonal Wedding Flower Guide

The impact that flowers have on a wedding can only be compared to a cake and icing. Without the icing, a cake is basically some baked bread. With the icing and decorations, it turns into something that you would want to eat to your fill. As you make plans for the big day, you will need flower delivery Dublin for one reason or the other. You would also want to make sure that whoever you choose to deliver the flowers for you knows how to take good care of them so that the flowers arrive in good condition.

One thing that usually happens before the wedding day is you have to spend a lot of time sifting through pages of flower catalogues and any other information you can get on flowers, so that you have the best flowers delivered Dublin for your wedding. You can never go wrong with that. In fact, other than making sure that the wedding rings are available where they should be, you also need to make sure that you get the right flower selection to make your wedding awesome. You have to choose the best blooms to make your big day one of a kind.

In case you are the type of person who has no idea about flowers at all, it might be difficult for you to make a choice. You might, however, benefit from getting help from someone who is knowledgeable on the matter before you send flowers Dublin. You would want to be decisive about the flowers you choose for your wedding.

There are different flowers that are perfect for each season. it does not matter what time of the year you are having your wedding, you just need to make sure that you get your flower selection right. There are some flowers that are perfect all through the year, and then there are flowers that will only thrive during a certain season, after which getting them might not be very easy. It is usually advisable that you plan your wedding at a time when you can easily get the flowers you need for the wedding, and more importantly, flowers that can hold their own throughout the wedding.

Year-long flowers are always your best bet in any case. However, if you feel like those are too common, you can also opt for seasonal flowers. If you get a really good florist, you have a good choice of flowers to use for your wedding. You would need someone who has a very good understanding of the flowers you want, and more importantly, someone who can deliver the flowers in good condition.

For your wedding there is no room for error. You should make plans as early as possible so that you can avoid the risk or prospect of frustrations at the last minute. It helps if you know some of the flowers by heart, so that you make your choice as fast as possible. Remember that for your florist to supply the flowers you want on time, they also have to get the information as early as possible.